Avoid this – 9 mistakes when making your website!

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We all have done it…made mistakes when building our website. If you haven’t made a website yet you will do some mistakes for sure but that’s good because you always learn something from your mistakes and sometimes it’s the only way.

Of course, we don’t have to do every mistake so here are 9 mistakes you can learn not to do 🙂

1. No Marketing
You think that if you just build your website the visitors will come? If no one knows about your site – no one will visit it. You have to set up your site so people can find it AND use everything you can to market it. To use social media is a great way and don’t forget mouth to mouth so talk about what you have done!

2. No or bad Headline
Maybe you think that it isn’t important with a headline but this can cause a lot of frustration, confusion, and skepticism.

The headline is used in almost any media and is something the visitors wants to feel confident in.

Use a headline that relates to the goal of your site and that’s simple and easy to remember.

3. Just a Copy
Don’t just copy other websites content. First of you can get into legal issues if the owner of the content you copied chose to hunt you. Second, the search engines will know it’s a copy and will not rank you very well. It’s also hard to stand for the content if you haven’t written it yourself. Of course, you can look at other websites and get inspiration but don’t just copy.

4. No way for the visitor to interact or get in contact
Getting feedback through your visitors is a great way to know what you can improve on the site and a great way to build a relationship and get to know your visitors. If you use different ways for the visitors to interact you’re more likely to have more visits and visitors that stays longer. There’ a lot of ways that you could do this by for example allow comment, use surveys, use social media etc. and don’t forget to show how to get in contact.


5. No way to Search
People want to find what they looking for fast and easy (look at Google). If they don’t get fast access to what they looking for they want a search tool. If your visitors can’t search your site you’re sure to create some frustration and you will lose out on visits to your other pages and posts.

If you’re using a CMS (Content Management System) there’s usually already a search function integrated, use it!


6. Nothing for the viewer
If you only write about yourself or your company and nothing that targeting the viewer, the viewer will lose interest. Try to think about what the visitors are looking for and what kind of problem they may have. Then think about how you and your site can help them solve it.

7. Old Content
A lot of good quality content is important but having to old content can be a problem. A visitor that find that some content is outdated is likely to leave the site and think that all the content is outdated. Try to go through your old posts from time to time so see if something is outdated and update it or replace it.

8. Bad Navigation
This is even more important than a search bar.

If you don’t know where you are or where you can go you probably just leave the site.

As I wrote before (5)…people want to find what they looking for fast and easy. Try to get someone else to test your site and ask them to navigate trough your site. That’s valuable information!

9. Link problems
Links that don’s work get visitors frustrated and is bad for the health of your site. Be sure to regulatory check that your links are working. You could either do it manually (takes time) or use a tool. As an example, you can use Google’s own tool Google Webmaster Tools or W3C Link Checker.

I hope you find something of this to be useful or give you some inspiration! If you familiar with other problems or have any questions your welcome to leave a comment 🙂

Regards, Jan

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