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This is my second post where I do a comparison between two online businesses to see how they stand against each other. In other words a “VS”.

The Contenders

The contenders in this battle are:

CF logo




How much: $97/month or $297/month

Who’s behind: Russel Brunson, Todd Dickerson, Etison LLC

Company registration: USA


WA logo




How much: $0 – $49 per month

Who’s behind: Carson Lim & Kyle Loudoun, Niche marketing Inc.

Company registration: USA


Let the battle begin…


Who are they?

Clickfunnels (CF)
CF is owned by the USA based company called Etison LLC which is controlled by a person named Russel Brunson. Russel is a well-known author and an online entrepreneur in the field of digital marketing. He has a lot of followers, sold a lot of books and worked a lot with “sales funnels” in the last years.

CF Russell

CF company

The website of Clickfunnels was registered 2013-10-02
and been paid to 2026-10-02. The business that’s behind (Etison LLC) has been going for 4 years and have been very successful.

There are however some bad reviews about CF at “Better Business Bureaus” (BBB) but to have so many members must per definition give some bad reviews.

Wealthy Affiliate (WA)

WA is owned by Carson Lim & Kyle Loudoun trough the company Niche marketing Inc. The business was registered on 07/07/2005 and has been running in 12 years. They have never changed their company, business name or the main website.

As far as I have found the owners have not been involved in any other online businesses. There are however some complaints about WA at “Ripoff Report” but after reading them it seems more like opinions than facts. WA has about 1 400 000 members (!) so just like CF it’s normal to have a few that don’t like your business with so many members.

Winner round 1:

A draw – both companies are legitim, have been stable for a long time and have well-known owners with a good reputation.


What do they offer?

CF offers two monthly paid memberships who both includes a software that lets you build sales funnels with sales and landing pages. It also lets you create web pages, a page builder called Etison (just like the company behind all this) that can be connected with the sales funnels. Everything is offered with web hosting, autoresponders and split testing.

There is also some other software that they are offering:

Actionetics – is called a “follow up tool” or “follow up funnel” but I would call it a customized email autoresponder that is build to fit with CFs sales funnels. It also has an automatic sending of SMS and Social Media Messages.

Backpack – is a tool to create and manage your own affiliate program. It’s also has a built-in tracking and reporting system that keep tracks of your affiliate and helps you calculate what to pay them.

Pypeline – is a software that is “coming soon” and are some kind of CRM system that’s “designed to progress your audience from visitor to buyer”.

Wasabi – is also a software that is “coming soon” and are described as “membership website template” where you’re supposed to build your own memberships website with ease.

CF products

CF claims that you can save a lot of money and time by using their products and not having to buy web hosting, landing page software or hire designers, programmers, etc. but remember that you don’t have to hire persons and there are great and cheap stand-alone software out there, so it’s hard to make that comparison.

Let’s look at what they include in the basic membership:

  • 20 Sales Funnels
  • 100 Pages
  • Website Hosting
  • Landing Page Software
  • An autoresponder (automated email responder)
  • Split Testing Software
  • 20k Visitors

The premium membership includes what’s mentioned above and:

  • Unlimited Sales Funnels
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Unlimited Website Domains
  • Unlimited Visitors
  • Actionetics (see above)
  • Backpack (see above)

Wealthy Affiliate

WA offers two memberships with one big difference…one of them is free. Both memberships give you the right to be an affiliate for WA. The memberships also give you access to what’s probably the biggest affiliate network in the world and a lot of resources and help for building an affiliate business online.

Just like CF, WA includes a regular set of internet marketing tools specifically for use with their own memberships and products. They include Lead Capture Pages, Personal Bridge Pages, Autoresponder, Contact Manager, Statistics, Social Media Integration, Tracking, and support.

WA also have a lot of training material and Live video classes (webinars) that you can schedule in a calendar and take an active part in OR watch it later when you have the time.

Included in the membership WA also offers a complete web hosting platform for WordPress websites which you can manage yourself without any special technical knowledge as everything has step-by-step instructions. You even have the right to offer “managed web hosting” (take care of other people or companies websites within the WA hosting platforms).

This is some examples of what’s included in the web hosting for Premium members:

  • Up to 25 hosted websites were you can use your own domain or WA’s free domain.
  • Daily website backup
  • Free SSL which encrypts all your websites with secure certificates with just one click. This is actually essential for rankings in all the major search engines and keeps visitor data safe. Other hosting platforms usually charge a small fortune for this kind of security, but WA includes it with their Premium membership.
  • 24/7 technical support with answers in minutes.

On top of that, you also have access to a professional SEO Keyword Research tool called Jaaxy who actually is a standalone product who now is included in the membership.

Other things that are included are 1-on-1 coaching and live help and support every day of the week, all around the clock.

Winner round 2:
WA – both companies offer great product and services with web hosting and a lot of other products and services but WA also offers a lot of different pieces of training, live video classes, free SSL with a click of a button, a professional keyword tool, coaching etc. 


Pricing and earning potential


The pricing at CF is straightforward with two different price points.

  • $97 per month for the “ClickFunnels” level
  • $297 per month for the “Full ClickFunnels Suite”

This is a monthly membership fee that gives you access to the products mentioned above and makes you an affiliate.

CF claims that you get a value of a whopping $10,988 per year with their membership products:

CF Total ValueAs you can see above they estimate that their webpage builder (Etison Editor) is worth close to $2000 per year and that their customized autoresponder (Actionetics) is worth close to $5000 per year!

There are a lot of FREE simple webpage builders and also a lot more advanced ones that still are very affordable. There are even well-known autoresponders that are FREE to use up to a high number of subscribers and there are other well-known ones that cost a fraction of what mentioned above.

To use this kind of values is misleading – if you ask me! I know this is marketing to get potential customers to think they get more than they do and to think that the price they pay is cheap but those values are just too much.  

The main way to earn in CF is to sell products and services through the Sales Funnels that you can create within the membership.

You can also promote the membership to others.

Wealthy Affiliate

The pricing at WA is also straightforward and simple because they only have two membership price levels and one of them is free:

  • $0 per month for the “Free membership” level
  • $49 per month for the “Premium membership” level

There are no other costs for the memberships so WA won’t charge you anything else.

In WA the main way to earn is to build a professional website and produce content that can be used for affiliate programs (or any other type of online business that’s based on producing content). All type of affiliate programs around the world can be used so there is basically no limit for what you want to focus on, and no limits to earnings.

The second way to earn is to promote the membership itself.

Winner round 3:

WA – both companies have a pricing model that’s straightforward and easy to understand but the price level is about half the cost with WA for the premium membership compared to CF lowest membership.

“A yearly premium membership cost $3564 at Clickfunnels and a yearly premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate cost $588…that’s about $3000 more per year to use Clickfunnels product!” 


Try Out and Refund


CF offers a 14 day free trial on their membership for you to try it out. They also offer a full refund if you cancel your account without any penalties or fees.

Their membership can be paid with credit card and PayPal so there is the regular buyer protection from those payment processors.

Wealthy Affiliate
The free membership at WA can be used for as long as you like to use or to try out what features they offer.

The Premium membership is paid with credit card and PayPal so there is the regular buyer protection from those payment processors.

Winner round 4:

A draw  – both companies offer memberships that are free to try and there are no signs of the more shady payment processors.


What’s the upside?


  1. The owner is well known
  2. Includes web hosting, programs to create sales funnels and a page builder to create web pages.
  3. Easy to set up, design and manage sales funnels and pages.
  4. Includes a regular set of customized internet marketing tools
  5. No need to update any plugins or software yourself.
  6. Includes step by step instructions.
  7. Does not rely on recruiting

Wealthy Affiliate

  1. The company has been alive for about 13 years.
  2. The owners are well known, visible and easy to contact.
  3. Includes a complete web hosting platform and a Content Management System (CMS)
  4. The CMS that are used (WordPress) is the worlds most popular website management system in use today. That means there are countless of help, support, plugins, themes, etc. to use and the most of it is free to use.
  5. Includes a regular set of customized internet marketing tools
  6. A lot of training material and courses
  7. Free to try forever
  8. Does not rely on recruiting

Winner round 5:

WA – the company and the owners are very trustworthy and you can try it out for free. It includes a lot more than CF at a lower price and has more ways to earn. 


What’s the downside?


  1. Their “Full Suite” cost a lot of money and even their smaller membership cost is double the cost of WAs Premium membership.
  2. To have a sales funnel is meaningless if you don’t have traffic and there are little information about how to get traffic with Clickfunnels.
  3. Everything that you produce inside Clickfunnels is their information and NOT yours so if you quite the membership you will lose it.
  4. Doesn’t include as much as WA.
  5. Doesn’t have a mobile app.

Wealthy Affiliate

  1. It cost money to be a premium member.
  2. You have to work a lot and give it a lot of time to be successful in this area although that’s true for every business.
  3. Doesn’t have a mobile app.

Winner round 6:

WA – have the least drawbacks with a lot more affordable cost.


La Grande Finale!

If it wasn’t for the high priced monthly membership that CF offers it could have been a little more equal battle but with that price tag compared with the price and whats included in WA’s Premium membership – WA goes for an easy win!

Here’s a final comparison between the two:


If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of Clickfunnels/Wealthy Affiliate or have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

Regards, Jan

9 thoughts on “Clickfunnels VS Wealthy Affiliate

    1. Jan Post author

      Thank you for your kind words Jennifer!

      In my opinion – Clickfunnels can be a good choice if you already have an online business and are ready to pay a lot of money to get an easy to use sales funnel.

      In any other cases I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate but everyone has of course their own desicion to make from what is presented.

      Take care, Jan

  1. Ioannis

    Very interesting comparison. I personally do not know anything about Clickfunnel and was glad to read a post where two similar platforms are placed one against the other in a side by side comparison of their attributes and disadvantages. Thank you so much for opening my eyes about something I was completely unaware of its existence!

    1. Jan Post author

      Thanks, your very welcome Ioannis!

      Yes, they seems very similar but when you look closer you can see that there are quite a difference between them. In this comparison I found that the price and the fact that Clickfunnels doesn’t focus or train you on how to get traffic is the biggest differences.

      Regards, Jan

    1. Jan Post author

      Thank you Leah!

      I’m happy to hear that you think “newbies” will have it easy to compare and make their own honest decision.

      I hope everyone that’s interested in any of these two online business can have some help from this comparison when they try to make an well informed decision about them.

      Regards, Jan

  2. Charlie

    Hi Jan,

    Thanks for the review, I didn’t know about click funnel before i read this but seeing the comparison you would defintlity choose WA as the better option here.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi, Charlie and your welcome!

      Yes, it’s really a no-brainer to choose WA in almost every aspect including price.

      The only time I can think about when Clickfunnels may be a choice to consider is if your already have content, products, services AND traffic that you can use with your Clickfunnel membership. Even then it’s way to expensive!

      Regards, Jan

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