Good to know about Free Websites

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Many of us have tried to set up a free website with varied results. There are numerous places where you can do that and some of them are really good. It’s easy to get carried away when you get something for free but there are some things you really should consider before you using a free website service.

Here are some warning signs to look out for when signing up to a Free Website:

Do they only want your personal info?

Your personal info is valuable for any online business but sadly it’s also valuable for spammers and others with bad intention. There are people out there that try to collect as many people’s personal information as possible in any way they can just so they can sell it and call it an email list of potential buyers. So watch out where you put in your personal information and if you’re unsure skip it or use a temporary e-mail.

Are there problems with the hosting?

404Free websites need hosting (a place where your website can be up and running). When you using a free website the hosting are usually not very prioritized. Your hosting can be shared with thousands of others on the same hosting space, the backup can be doubtful, the computers that are used for hosting (servers) can be cheap or old. All this could lead to lost backups, a slow site, lost connections etc. Try to find out what type of hosting they have and or try to test how the free website works from different locations or check out reviews on their service.

Is it a new online business?

Take a good look if to see if the business that offers the free website is a new one and/or one that’s none has heard of. That could be a sign that they could be gone as quick as they came and that they had something other in mind than offer you a free website. There seem to be many online businesses that only lasts more than one or two years despite running an honest business. It’s not easy to run a profitable business that offers something for free.

“Think about what happens if a free website that you been working on for a long time and maybe just started to get visitors….suddenly disappears!”


Not enough room…

When you start to upload videos and photos or making a lot of posts on your website the size of your website can grow a lot. If you use the free website they have a limited storage size you can have for your website. When you reach that limit you can usually upgrade to a bigger limit but that can cost a lot and probably something that you hadn’t count on.

Packed with advertisement

Almost every free website service require you to display some ads, their logo, pop-up windows, or links they choose on your site without any compensation to you. In some cases, they could be all over your site and very annoying for your visitors and hard to get rid of. It could also be blinking and flashing. What’s special is that they often don’t allow you to place your own ads or to earn money from your site.



Look out for the fine print!

To read the fine print before you join any online business is something that many dosesn’t care about. I also skip it sometimes 😉 When it comes to free websites you will found that if you read it there will be something that says that there are no guarantees that your website won’t removed without any notice at any time. I guess you get what you pay for…


Do you still want a free website? I hope so but it’s important to take some consideration before jump into any free website offers.

Do you have any bad or good experience about free websites? If you do or have any questions, just leave a comment below 🙂

Regards, Jan

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