How to choose the right theme for your website

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Themes – I guess you heard that one before!

Website themes are something that helps you changes what visitors see when they come to your website. It gives you another design and layout for your website. There are millions of different themes to use and some are free and others cost. There are themes for different website builders and the biggest collection of themes is probably for WordPress.

So now that you know what a website theme is you can read below to find out how you choose the right theme:

Watch out for themes with functionality!Function

What? Shouldn’t you have functionality on your website? Yes, you should but not in this form! If you want more functionality to your website you should use what already built in or use a plugin to take care of that. If you use a theme with the functionality you will probably lose all that when you switch to another design and that could be critical if you use a critical function for your website.

Keep it simple

Stay away from over complicated themes. They will only take your and your visitors time and can frustrate your both. There are themes with triple slideshows, flashy objects etc. but just because something is complicated and looks cool doesn’t mean it’s any good. Instead, keep it simple for you to work with and easy for your visitors to navigate on. Of course, you want your site to look good but it’s no point it looks good if nobody want’s to use it…

Choose the right kind of website theme

There’s numerous kind of website themes out there and it’s a good idea to choose the kind that’s is suited for your kind of website. That way it will be easier to administrate and be something that the visitor expect and not something that they don’t know how to use. Here are some examples of what I mean:

Theme Travel

This is a theme that is supposed to be used for something related to travel. If you use this theme for a website about computer hardware it may not work as good as you like because they are a different kind of websites.

Theme Business

This theme is instead to be used for a business presentation. It may not be the best idea to use this site for something like a site about a difficult child disease.

Are the theme and the developer behind future proof?

Do you know who developed the theme? Is it one person behind or a big company? Have they developed any other theme? Do they update the theme regularly? That’s some examples of questions you need to ask if you want a theme that can stand the time. Other things to consider if person/company behind offer any support for the themes and if they do, how quick do they answer questions.

“If they are well known they will probably have something to live up to and what they offer will surely be of a better quality than those who don’t”

You can also try to look at what other users of the theme think, that always gives some indication of how it’s working.

How does it look on your mobile or tablet?

Maybe you hear of the term “mobile responsive” that so many are talking about these days? Well, that’s for a reason! With so many people that are using mobile devices and with so high increase of mobile users for every second no one can ignore this development without losing more and more visitors. In a lot of countries the majority of people don’t afford to buy a computer but they can afford a cheap mobile or tablet so the first contact they have with the internet is by a mobile device.

That’s why you need a theme that works well with mobile devices. Before you decide to use a theme you can test the theme out on your own mobile device and click on the menu and scroll around.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are many free themes out there and some of them have hidden fees if you want to use a different part of that theme. There’s also themes that are free to use until you want to add a social media interaction, extra slider, etc. etc. so try to find out what’s included in the free first. From my own experience I can tell you that it’s very frustrating to working on with a team for a long time but suddenly realize that you can’t go on with your website plans without start paying or paying even more than you already did…


Don’t forget your content!

Your content is the most important part of your website so don’t forget it by focusing too much on design, layout and other things surrounding your content. The theme you choose should support your content and not hide it or make your visitors look elsewhere.

“It’s better to have a website with a not so fancy design and layout but a lot of content then to have a website with fancy design and layout but with less content”

Do you have something to add about themes or do you have any questions? Then your very welcome to leave a comment below : )

Regards, Jan

4 thoughts on “How to choose the right theme for your website

  1. Dino

    This post is cool! Really help me much in choosing a theme, because I often choose the wrong theme for my website
    and change it while I found that the thing want can’t get in the theme.
    Thanks for this information.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi, Dino and thanks for your comment!
      I’m happy to see that it could be of some help 🙂
      It’s quite frustrating to discover that the theme isn’t what you expected when you worked with a theme for a long time!
      Regards, Jan

  2. sarah

    wow, this is such an amazing article with lots of useful information. I will forward it to others as well. than you so much for sharing. Theme is what attract the reader first before reading the articles and information provided, So it ic very important to choose it correctly ad wisely.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi, Sarah and thank you so much!

      Yes, “first impression last” as they say in the commercials 😁

      Today it’s so easy to change themes in WordPress so no-one should really be scared of testing other themes.

      Regards Jan


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