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Have you thought about making a blog but don’t want to pay for it or just wanted to try some blogging to see if it is something for you? Then this post is for you – here is how you make a free blog:

Step 1: Find a free platform

There are a lot of places to get a free blog but many of them don’t have what you need and doesn’t offer support for WordPress. WordPress is the world’s most used website building platform and there are so much support, help and plugins (different software for your blog) to take advance of. The most of those plugins are free to use so it would be very sad if you missed that!

The free platform I recommend is called “Siterubix” and has support for WordPress. It’s owned by Wealthy Affiliate who is the world’s biggest affiliate network.

Let’s get started!

– Go to the website of “Siterubix” by clicking on the picture and follow my instructions below:

Siterubix let you have two own so-called subdomains (like “”) but right now you only need one!

Feel free to pick the name you want for your blog but try to make it grammatically correct with suitable capitalization and punctuation. My recommendation is to pick a name that tells someone that never visit your blog what it’s about. If you want to write about you as a person you can pick your name.

Don’t overthink your domain name because it’s more important to just get started!.

– Choose your subdomain name and click on “Build My Free Website”. It will direct you to a page (see below) were you fill in your information for the FREE account you need to have. Fill in the information and click on “Create Account and Continue”.

Step 2: Choose the type of website you want

After you created your account above you will end up on the page below.

The first thing you have to do is choose what type of website you want to build for your blog.

– Click on the one called “On a free domain” and some other questions are visible below.

The second thing to do is to fill in the name you wanted for your blog and what title it should have.

– Write your name you wanted on your subdomain here. I have chosen “honest” as an example. Now enter a title for your blog. It should preferably be something that is close to the subdomain name. I used “My Honest Blog” as an example.

Step 3 – Choose a theme for your blog

There’s a lot of different so-called themes to use with your blog and it will affect how your website will look and work. Don’t think too much of this because it’s very easy to change to another one whenever you want.

– Choose the theme that you want to use by clicking on it. I picked the one called Ascent as an example.

Step 4 – Build your Website

You are almost done!

– Click on “Click Here to Build This Site!”

Well done – now you just have to sit back and relax and everything complicated will be done in the background!

Step 5 – get familiar with your settings

When the website for your blog has been built you will be taken to the place where you can find all the important administration details of your website. You will also be able to view what plugins you have, security status and other features and options. As you will see below there is a lot included in this website platform. Let’s go through them one by one – don’t skip this because it’s valuable information!

Admin details show the account information that you will need to login and manage your blog. Luckily, you don’t need to fill in those details when you login into your blog, instead you only have to click on the blue “Login Now” and Siterubix logs you in instantly.

Domains details show your website URL who is the blog address that you can share with others. It also shows your “Admin Login URL” that you only need to know if you want to do some more advanced work with your blog.

SitePlus+ is some build in features that you can activate and use on your blog. The first option (SiteSpeed) will optimize your blog to run as fast as possible, just click on and it will start. The second option (Site SSL) is an important security feature to get websites to be secure and get them to get more authority from search engines (like Google). This option is only available in the paid website hosting (Wealthy Affiliate Premium) and is something you don’t need right now. The last option (SiteProtect) is something that helps you prevent spams and is already activated as standard

PageSpeed Insights is a feature to check the performance and speed of your blog. Previously the only place to check your blog’s performance was on Google’s own PageSpeed Insights website. Wealthy Affiliate has now added the option to check your blogs overall and per-page performance directly from within SiteManager.

Features included shows other features that are included with your blog and helps you keep it healthy, secure and well seen by search engines like google.

Installed Plugins lists the WordPress plugins that already are installed for you. The plugins are well known, have very high ratings and are tested by Wealthy Affiliate to work great with your blog. The first plugin is the worlds most popular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) plugin for WordPress. It helps your blog to rank and gain trust in search engines and stay there. The second one helps all the image you use on your blog to load faster and smarter.

Step 6 – Visit your blog!

That’s about it! If you haven’t login to your blog yet you can do so by clicking on the blue login button I mentioned above about the admin details. Your site should look a bit like this (depending on what names and themes you chose) and the text on the first post is something WordPress just use as an example for every new blog that is created.

Are you still reading this and haven’t yet followed my Step-by-Step guide to build your blog? Then it’s your lucky day! Just fill in your desired domain name in the form below and click “Build it Now” to get started – you have nothing to lose!

Still Not Convinced? Read This!

Why do I recommend Siterubix with Wealthy Affiliate as a platform for your blog? Here are some reasons:

  • Absolutely FREE to build and keep forever
  • QUICK to build
  • EASY to work with
  • GREAT hosting from Wealthy Affiliate, which monitors everything in the background with an easy to use interface.
  • You get a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate that includes:
    • A Step-by-Step Online Certification Course to help you build an online business
    • A Step-by-Step Affiliate Bootcamp Course for help you get started with affiliate marketing
    • Support
    • Access to the worlds biggest affiliate network where you can follow and get help from well known and successful bloggers and affiliate experts
  • You will have a blog that you can monetize from and are able to rank on Google with.
  • You can easily upgrade to a more PROFESSIONAL website hosting and platform if you want to get serious with your blog and have a real online business (without paying any big sums of money).

Can’t I just use instead?

Of course, you can and in fact, it can work well for your personal blogging! However, based on my own experience and after using them both I would choose Siterubix over!


Because it offers more without losing the benefits of the WordPress platform.

Here’s a comparison of the free versions for each platform that will help you see why I recommend Siterubix:


  • Two free domains
  • Free hosting
  • Free WordPress themes
  • Pre-installed plugins – that can be controlled from your dashboard
  • No advertising displayed on your blog
  • You can make money from your blog
  • SEO tools installed for a better chance to rank on Search Engines
  • Great for personal blogging and online businesses
  • Training for building your online business


  • One free domain
  • Free hosting
  • Free WordPress Themes
  • Pre-installed plugins, that can’t be controlled from your dashboard
  • Advertising placed on your blog
  • You can’t make money from your blog
  • No SEO tools installed
  • Good for personal blogging
  • No training provided

If you have any feedback or questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear from you!

Regards, Jan


10 thoughts on “How to make a free blog – step by step!

  1. David

    A fantastic article. With this step by step guide it looks so easy. I to had tried wordpress on it’s own you can learn a lot but you are right you won’t make money and you are limited to what you can do.
    That’s when I stumbled onto wealthy affiliate and joined and their platform has so much more to offer and yes as you said you have a lot more control.
    Thank you so much for this great read and is must read for all wanting to blogg.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi, David and thanks for your comment!

      Very happy to hear that it was easy to read and follow the steps 🙂

      I’m also join Wealthy Affiliate (WA) and stept up to their premium membership after I used their free for a while to try it out. Their free membership is awesome but if you want to take your business one step ahead of the competition their premium membership is a must!

      Regards, Jan

  2. Stratos

    Great article for those that are just starting and want an easy guide on how to make their first steps. Siterubix is such an easy platform to use even for those with no knowledge at all. I recommend it all the way.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi Stratos and thanks for your comment!

      It’s usually easier to do it step-by-step and suddenly you have done something great 🙂

      Yes, I think everyone can make a blog although it takes time and hard work to get a successful blog that you can monetize on.

      Regards, Jan

  3. William Newsome

    I like the step by step process. Before Wealthy Affiliate, I thought I had to be an expert in website design and coding to be able to create my own site. Wealthy Affiliate has helped me to create something so amazing and it really makes me look at it and say “Wow, I made this. This is my baby”.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi William and thanks for your comment!

      Yes, I love that feeling when you sit back and realize that you created something you never thought you could do 🙂

      Wealthy Affiliate with their SiteRubix really try to make it easy for all to start something creative!

      Regards, Jan

  4. Chris

    A couple of months back I tried starting up my own blog with the free platform Google offers – Blogger.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get my site to look dynamic in any way, shape or form!

    I know it’s down to their basic themes – is this Site Rubix platform different? Is it easy to put together a professional looking blog that doesn’t shout ‘freebie’?

    Also – how easy is it to use?

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi, Chris and thanks for your comment!

      I’m sorry to hear about your experience with Blogger but there are many free platforms out there that aren’t very flexible. I have experienced that myself and others I talked to have also thought that they are very basic and standardized. 

      YES, SiteRubix is different and YES it’s easy to put up a professional blog that doesn’t look cheap. As you can see in my comparison table above SiteRubix doesn’t have any ad that takes place or pop-up so already there you have a more professional looking blog. They completely removed all technical aspects of building a website and provided an experience that allows you to be up and running in within a couple of minutes. 

      Another thing that can affect how professional your blog looks like is how it appears in mobiles phones, tablets or other screen formats. SiteRubix builds blogs that are responsive and adapt to any screen size. There are statistics* that shows that more than 50% percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones so If you don’t have a responsive and mobile friendly website, you can lose a lot of visitors.

      Regards, Jan     

      *Source statistics:

  5. Cristy

    This is so easy to follow! I love the way you added the pictures for each step with the written instructions, as we all learn differently.

    Very good information for a legitimate site. There are so many scams, it’s nice to know one that can be trusted.


  6. Jan Post author

    Hi, Cris and thanks for your comment.

    I’m happy to hear that you think this is easy to follow! That’s excatly what I wanted and using both text and pictures have shown to be better for learning.

    It’s true that there are many, many, many dishonest online businesses out there so I’m thankful that there still are some honest and good ones to promote.

    Thanks, and got luck with your own business!

    Regards, Jan


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