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Hqsa webWhat: HQ Solo Ad
Where: https://www.hqsoload.com
How much: $49.99 – $664.99
Who’s behind: Elad Barshishat
Company registration: United Kingdom

Refund: No Free to try? No

What is HQ Solo Ad?

girl talk money

Ever since I started to use social media for internet marketing I have been approached by “good-looking” women that only been interested in selling ads from something called HQ Solo Ad. 

Maybe that’s what’s called “Attraction Marketing” 😉

Have you also been approached by those women? If so, what’s your experience? Comment below.

Here’s my review about the business they all promote as the best way to get leads to your business:

If we look at HQ Solo Ad (HQSA) website we will find a video about getting leads. They explain that they will assign an “expert copywriter” (that seems to be the good-looking women) to your campaign that will take a look at your website or capture page and “review” it. Then they will design a “customized newsletter broadcast” that they will send to selected people in their own email subscriber list based on interests.

The only product that HQSA is selling are advertising in the form of “Solo Ads” who is a form of an advertisement targeted to the entire or part of someone’s email list (usually by sending emails to those lists). The process is basically like this:

  • Look for a person or business that has an email list with subscribers who are likely to be interesting in what your business or website has to offer.
  • Get in contact with that person or business to buy advertising to those subscribers or buy the whole list. Usually, the advertising is priced by how many clicks you get or to how many subscribers it reaches.
  • Watch for the results when those subscribers will click to get to your website and convert (if that’s your purpose with your website). You should then have gotten visitors and conversions that cost less than other types of advertising.

That’s how it should work when it’s working but there are sadly many solo ad providers that are delivering bad results or nothing at all. There are also ad providers that are using so-called click monkeys or click bots, so there is little to no chance of it ever converting.

Some of the bad ones are using dubious or even criminal ways to collect email addresses and then sell them as Solo Ads or whole email lists. This has given this type of business a bad name and many are avoiding this type of advertising.

Among those who are using it and are getting good results, there are those that are saying that it works well, gives good value for the money and that it’s very suitable for competitive and content-rich niches.

Hqsa whoisIf you look up the domain you can see that it was registered through 1&1 Internet Inc (a domain register company) and created on 2013-10-21. The domain has been paid to 2018-10-21, so it’s been alive for almost 6 years which is quite a long time for this kind of businesses. The domain has not been paid for a very long time ahead but we need to learn more to draw any conclusion.

The real owners of this domain have privacy protected the contact information of the website so we have to search for that information elsewhere. Sadly there is no trace of any contact information like an address, email or phone number on the website except for an anonymous contact form. All this will make it hard to contact this business if something goes wrong.

Hqsa owner

As always it’s important to look up the owners and leaders in a business before you join or/and pay any money.  If we look under “About” page there is a picture and a text about a guy called “Elad Barshishat” that call himself the CEO and founder of this business. Sadly there seems to be no way to confirm that this is the person behind or that there is a real company behind.

Another thing to look up is the “Alexa rank” that gives you a rough idea of how popular the site is and how it trends. This website has been quite high ranked for a shorter period of time and has then been falling a bit hard and has now a global rank of about 2 million. The ideal situation is a high or very high rank that’s stable and that’s showing that the site has been active for a long or very long time.

Hqsa alexaBecause there are no traffic data we will not take a look at where the visitors are coming from.

It’s important what you think and I really want to help people, like you, and that’s why your very welcome to comment below this review if you have anything to say about HQSA, both good and bad. I will not delete any comment (except spam, promotions/recruiting, hate message etc.) so you can see that this is an honest review. I will respond to comments as fast as I can.

What do you have to pay?

The pricing at HQSA is based on how many unique clicks you’re buying and from which country they are coming from.

Here are the prices for unique clicks that are not from the so-called “Tier 1” countries:

Hqsa web price1

And here are the prices for unique clicks from the Tier 1 countries (USA, Canada, UK, Irland, Australia, New Zealand) that are higher prices because of the supposed higher conversion rate potential:
Hqsa web price2

This is without mentioning transaction and exchange fees, taxes etc.

What do you get for the money?

You are supposed to get high-quality advertising that can deliver real and unique clicks to your website with the potential to get conversions for your business.

How can you make money?

The only way to make money through buying solo ad is if they really convert, that real persons are visiting your website and are doing what you want them to do…like buying a product or joining your business.

There is, however, nothing that says that there are real people that are you will get clicks from and even if it is there’s nothing that says that they are going to convert. HQSA are actually stating that themselves in their “Terms”:

Hqsa results

There is never any guarantees that you earn anything and in this case is also very risky if you consider the lack of real information about this business.

So…what’s good?

Solo Ad is a more affordable alternative to paid advertising through AdWords, Facebook etc. so if this company is real and are delivering real and suitable visitors to you, you have the chance to get high converting leads to a good price.

They have a policy not to advertise content that are Ponzi schemes, racist oriented, illegal etc.

It’s clear how many unique clicks you should get per order.

 …and what’s bad?

There seems to be no way to confirm that the person behind this really is the person behind this or that there is a real company behind.

You can’t try out this type of product and service or get a refund if it doesn’t deliver the unique clicks your ordered. This is what HQSA themselves wrote about it in their “Terms”:

Hqsa refund

Even if this business is real and delivers unique clicks that is suitable for your website there are no guarantees that you will get any conversions what so ever.

VERDICT: Unknown

Score: 5/10

Recommended for: Risk Takers!Unknown

There is no verifiable information on who’s behind this business except a picture and a name and there is no contact information except an anonymous contact form. With that said this business seems to use Facebook messenger to communicate with their customers and there are are many testimonies and reviews that say that this is a real business.

Using “good looking” women to approach potential customer through chat in social media seems like a little strange way to market high-quality solo ads.

Because of the no refund policy you can’t try it out to see if it works first so it will cost and you can’t be sure to get anything back even thou this is very common for this type of products.

After looking into this business I would say that there is too little information on this company to give it any other rating then UNKNOWN.  

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of HQSA or have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

Regards, Jan

8 thoughts on “HQ Solo Ad – attraction marketing?

  1. Dan

    Very helpful and interesting review. Solo ads are good for CPA marketing if real people are clicking on your promotion material or link. But this HQSA seems mysterious and not trustworthy.
    This will serve as a guide and warning especially for internet marketing newbies.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi, Dan and thanks for your comment!

      Yes, Solo Ads can surely be good if real people that are genuinely intrested in what you have to say and offer are directed to your website.

      I hope people will make their own well informed decision by doing their own research or “Due diligence” and also looking at reviews like this one before buying any product /services or joining a business of any kind.

      Regards, Jan

  2. Christina Piccoli

    Hm, this is interesting. I’ve never heard of this type of company before, but when I read your description, it seemed like a really great idea. Maybe I would try it out, but the price seems high and, as you mentioned, the risk is big. I’d love to hear what other commenters have to say about this one. I’d love to hear from someone’s who’s used it and see whether or not it helped them at all.

    In the meantime, I’ll stick with tried and true methods like writing good posts with relevant keywords. Thanks so much for the info! I’ll keep an eye out on this one.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi, Christina and thanks for your comment!

      Yes, there are quite many Solo Ads providers out there so it’s seems like a good idea. You also have websites like UDIMI that has gathered a lot of Solo Ads providers to choose from based on your own premises like ratings. Maybe I should write a post about that…

      I would also like others that bought this product to say what they think about it.

      Just like you I’m using relevant keywords in content rich posts to get visitors. That’s the method I have most trust in and love to work with.

      Your welcome.

      Regards, Jan

  3. Holly Knudson

    I have not heard of Solo Ads so thank you for the heads up. Shame on them for their sleezy marketing strategy of using attractive women to do their dirty work. I am always suspicious of any company that has a no refund policy. Companies with integrity will typically let their potential customers try a product or service before purchasing. Thank you for your thorough review. It really opened by eyes to issues I may not have previously considered.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi, Holly your welcome!

      Seems like the most people never heard of this business before but many of my internet marketer connections on Facebook have been approach by those women.

      I know that it’s not so usual to have a refund policy for Solo Ads because its hard to guarantee any conversions but they could have a refund if they didn’t deliver the visitors. A Free to Try could also be hard to deliver because if you got a visitor you got it (what’s done is done) but they could get you one or to free visitors to see if they are real.

      Thanks for your comments and take care!

      Regards, Jan

  4. Jason

    I took the leap and ordered some clicks. I do okay with word of mouth and using social media posts but needed a way to target some UK clients. I did my own research and found the same information about the company that you have provided. The one thing that made me confident was that they use PayPal and PayPal would not continue to allow that if they were labeled as a scam. I will let you know what I came up with after I receive my clicks or if I don’t get anything.

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi, Jason and thanks for your comment!

      I agreed with you that Paypal is a sign that this could be a honest company but I also know that even Paypal have been used by dishonest businesses in the past. However, since then they have been using a more strictly policy that make them more safe to use. (I think I will do a review of the different payment processors later…)

      I hope you will get the click your ordered and that it will give you some value back.

      You are very welcome to report back to us on how well it delivers!

      Regards, Jan


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