My Lead System PRO (2018) – leads to your wallet!

mlsp websiteWhat: My Lead System PRO
How much:  $49,97 – $299,97 per month + upsells
Who’s behind: Upward Enterprises, LLC
Company registration: USA

Refund: Yes Free to try? No

What is My Lead System PRO?

My Lead System Pro (MLSP) is an MLM company that provides software to create capture pages, sales pages, funnels for branding and selling your own products & services. They also offer a blogging platform, training and a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) – not to be confused with CMS (Content Management System).

They state on their website that “If you need more leads & cashflow for YOUR business… MLSP is the answer to your prayers”…so let’s pray 😉

MLSP looks similar to a company I reviewed in a “VS” battle just recently. It is called Clickfunnels and is also offering software for creating capture pages and funnels. MLSP seems to have focused more on training.

There seems to be no way to contact the company (if your not a member) except some social media buttons. There isn’t even a contact form.

mlsp whoisIf you look up the domain you can see that it was registered through, LLC. (a domain register company) and created on 2008-10-30 so it’s been going for almost 10 years!  The domain has been paid to 2018-10-30, so it’s only been paid a year ahead but in this case, with a business that been alive as long as this it’s no big deal.

The website is registered by Upward Enterprises, LLC and was created by Norbert Orlewicz, Todd Schlomer & Brian Fanale. If we search for that company we can find this address:

Street: 500 E, 4th Street
City: Austin
Postal Code: 78701, Texas
Country: USA

The funny thing with that address is that when we search for it we get Hilton Hotel in Austin 🙂 If we search some more we will find that there are a lot of businesses on the same address so maybe there are some business center in the same building:

mlsp company total

It always important to look up the owners and leaders in a business before you join or/and pay any money. The website has a list of the owners and leaders on the “About MLSP” and they are:

Brian Fanale
CEO & MLSP Co-Founder

Todd Schlomer
Chief Technology Officer & MLSP Co-Founder

Norbert Orlewicz
MLSP Co-Founder

They all seem well known and has no dubious backgrounds (what I can find).

MLSP has links to Legal Disclaimer, Membership Agreement and Privacy Policy on their website, which is good but there is some questionable paragraph in the Membership Agreement:

3.3. ../..You further acknowledge and agree that, even in complete good faith, it would be impossible for you to work in a similar capacity for a competitor of ours without drawing upon and utilizing information gained pursuant to this Membership Agreement.

So you can never join other online businesses or start your own business if it’s similar to and competing with MLSP.

This paragraph is even more questionable:

3.7. You agree that you will not make any derogatory statements, either oral or written, or otherwise disparage us, our products, employees, services, work or employment, and will take all reasonable steps to prevent others from making derogatory or disparaging statements. You agree that it would be impossible, impractical, or extremely difficult to fix the actual damages suffered by reason of a breach of this paragraph, and accordingly hereby agree that five thousand dollars ($5,000) shall be presumed to be the amount of damages sustained by reason of each such breach, without prejudice to our right to also seek injunctive or other equitable relief.

According to this paragraph, you can’t speak or write any negative/criticise anything about MLSP as long as your a member. Maybe you think that they never will use this to take down criticism but sadly, they do. The website “Stopping Scams” has done a lot of reviews and they did a review of MLSP a couple of years ago where they criticised MLSP. Short after publishing the review they got a letter from a law firm that represented MLSP and that they were about to process to a lawsuit. The reason was that the man behind the review had been a member of MLSP and was said to break the membership agreement mentioned above.

The letter can be read here:

Another thing to look up is the “Alexa rank” that gives you a rough idea of how popular the site is and how it trends. This website has had a very high rank this year and a high and stable rank before that. The ideal situation is a high or very high rank that’s stable and that’s showing that the site has been active for a long or very long time.

mlsp alexa

It’s important what you think and I really want to help people, like you, and that’s why your very welcome to comment below this review if you have anything to say about My Lead System Pro, both good and bad. I will not delete any comment (except spam, hate message etc.) so you can see that this is an honest review. I will respond to comments as fast as I can.

What do you have to pay?

MLSP offers pricing plans with three different price points.

  • $49,97 per month for the “Basic” plan
  • $147,97 per month for the “Professional” plan
  • $299,97 per month for the “Premium” plan

The monthly membership gives you access to different products and makes you an affiliate. This is without mentioning transaction and exchange fees, taxes etc.

On top of the recurring monthly payment, there is a lot of up-sells that consist of different online marketing training. Here are some examples and their prices:


mlsp mess marketing

This is basically a video training about how to get leads to your existing online business with the help of Facebook Messenger. They also talk about automat FB messages with bots.

So whats the cost for this training? Well a lot: $497 (!) 

Copywriting Mastery 

mlsp copywriter

Just as the title suggests this is a video course on how to be a great copywriter or “transform you into a lethal copywriter so you never have to worry about money again.” as MLSP write themselves. That’s a very bald statement, don’t you think? The man behind this product is MLSP:s own co-founder Brian Fanale.

The only thing left to mention is the price: $497 – just as the product above!


mlsp tube traffic

Here we got a video training about video marketing (YouTube) and how to get leads that way by using keywords, descriptions, titles, editing etc. This seems to be created by MLSP members that are some of the top leaders.

The price is a little less than the others but very high anyway: $297 

There are a lot of products like this that MLSP is marketing to members and others for prices like this.

What do you get for the money you put in?

Depending on what membership level you paid for you get access to the following products…

Funnelizer: This is a tool where you can make custom capture pages, sales pages and funnels.

MLSP SITES Blogging Platform: This is a tool to create your own blog and a hosting platform for that blog (also include plug-ins).

MLSP CRM (Customer Relationship Manager): This is a tool for managing customers or potential customers where you can have follow-ups: schedule appointments, send e-mails, rate prospects and track your interactions with potential customers.

MLSP has a comparison on their website between the different membership levels they offer:

mlsp membership levels

As you can see the cheapest membership level (Basic) include a scaled down version of CRM and Funnelizer and hardly anything else. The next level (Professional) includes a more regular version of CRM and Funnelizer but the blogging platform only includes one blog. The highest level (Premium) is the most interesting because it includes live support, more complete versions of CRM and Funnelizer and at least 2 blogs but the price is very, very high per month!

PS! Here’s a tip if you want 2 blogs with hosting, training etc for FREE instead of $250 per month as MLSP offers.

You will also get a placement in the company’s downline so you can promote it to others.

How can you make money?

The main way to earn money is supposed to be by getting leads to your business by using the tools that are provided. The problem here is, just like Clickfunnels, is that you need to have your own online business and product/service to market before you join or shortly afterward.

The second way to earn money is by referring others to join under you in MLSP (sponsorship) and get a percent off their payments (referral bonus). The percentages can be found in their “compensation plan”. All MLM companies have a compensation plan that usually is based on how much you invest, your membership level and how good you are at recruiting. Often they are quite complicated and sometimes hard to understand. MLSP.s compensation plan is not an exemption and there are a lot of videos and websites that try to explain their plan.

So…what’s good?

If you already have your own online business and product/service to market you can join MLSP and use the marketing tool that MLSP provides to sell those products or services. There is also a lot of training to help you with online marketing.

IF your good at recruiting others to this business you can earn money.

There is a refund policy so you can get your money back if you’re not satisfied.

 …and what’s bad?

The monthly membership is very expensive and on top of that is all the expensive upsells.

There is no way to try it for free without staying out with money.

If you join this business you must agree to the membership agreement that you never work with anything similar and never speak or write anything negative of MLSP as long as your a member.

You need to have your own online business and product/service to market before you join or shortly afterward to be able to use the marketing tool that MLSP provides. If you don’t the only thing to promote is the membership and MLSP:s own products. Remember then that there are probably ten of thousands of others that are promoting the same because most of the people that join these kinds of businesses do not have their own business and products to promote.

According to a report from the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) by Jon M. Taylor, MBA, Ph.D., of the Consumer Awareness Institute the loss rate for members of an MLM is at least 99%. This means that less than one in 100 MLM members make a profit, and at least 99 out of 100 members actually lose money! In fact, classic no-product pyramid schemes are ten to one hundred times as likely to result in profits as are product-based pyramid schemes, or MLMs.


Score: 5/10

Recommended for: Those who have a lot of money, are good at recruiting others or have their own products to promote.Honest

MLSP is an online business that has been around for a long time, has real products and has owners that ’s well known and doesn’t seem to have any shady backgrounds.

There are however some bad reviews and some discussable membership agreement paragraphs but no one calls this a scam.

You can earn in this business by marketing your own products or service but most are likely to promote MLSP:s own membership and products because of the lack of having their own business. To promote MLSP you have to be good at recruiting others!

Remember that if you join this business that it will not only cost you a lot of money but also a lot of time, like learning, promote and recruit, logging in and out in your back office, read the news, contact support, read in groups etc.

The result from this review makes me convinced that My Lead System Pro is an Honest online company but it’s very costly with high monthly payments and a lot of upsells!

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of My Lead System Pro or have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

Regards, Jan

6 thoughts on “My Lead System PRO (2018) – leads to your wallet!

  1. Mick

    I’m sure there are some very good MLM’s around but I’m afraid I haven’t come across any. Those figures that you mention that around 1% actually make any money is a disgrace and about time authorities took a hold of things and cleaned them out.

    I nearly got involved in an MLM a few years back and glad I had the sense to not join. The upsells are a little on the expensive side for what you are getting.

    I hate upsells unless they disclose them before you make that commitment. If the product is so good they shouldn’t have to do this.

    I guess just another business to stay away from. Thanks for sharing

  2. Kyle Ann Percival

    Hi Jan!
    This is a very interesting review. This is a service I am not familiar with as I am very new to online marketing.
    I appreciate the honesty especially with the legal terms which many people do not even bother to read. I don’t think I’m ready to spend the money for this type of service right now, but it’s good to know about them for future reference if I decide to try something like this later.
    Many thanks for the great information!

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi Kyle Ann and thanks for your comment!

      Absolutely, I always try to be honest and let the readers make their own mind up whether to join or stay away from a business. I do rate them but there are (usally) both good and bad with everything so they are only recommendations.

      With that said, I really think you should think twice before paying for this business, especially because the high monthly payments (for the professional and the premium membership) and the upsells.

      Regards, Jan

  3. Jan Post author

    Hi, Mick and thanks for your comment!

    Yes, those numbers from the FTC report is mind blowing. If you think about it, there seems to be a bigger chance to win the lottery!

    I’m happy to hear that you didn’t lose any money that time. I didn’t have the same luck with an MLM business a was involved with a few years back and lost a considerable amount of $.

    Expensive upsells can really make people go broke and I heard from others that they almost spend everything they had because they though they would earn money if they just bought this one more product…

    Regards, Jan

  4. stefanie taylor

    Hi Jan, you have gone into a lot of detail in this honest review of MLSP and you have been fair and honest about them, which is respectable of you.

    But I did have huge red flags when I saw that part in the contract about the $5,000 damages. Seriously, that would just totally put me off. What a cheek! At least they can’t sue me for that ha ha 🙂

    Well, they lost me with that, and I’m sure many others too. I would much rather build my business on a platform like Wealthy Affiliate because it is only ever one price for all the information you could need. And best of all you have access to other people who may well have all the information you could need. hat could be better than that? I cannot recommend it enough!

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi Stefanie and thanks for your comment!

      Just as I replied Kyle Ann above I always try to be honest and let the readers make their own mind up whether to join or stay away. I did find MLSP an honest online business but I wouldn’t recommend them!

      Yes, the $5000 is not very pleasant, let’s hope we doesent get that letter 😉

      Same here, I definitely recommend Wealthy Affiliate, sure it demands that you work hard and take your time but which real business doesent?

      Regards, Jan


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