Starting – 9 mistakes when starting your online business

There’s something special about using the Internet to start a successful business. It’s low or no cost to start, you can reach all the world with your business and you can get exposed to almost 3,5 billion users online (estimated).

So it’s all good to start? Almost, but there are some mistakes that can stop your start so read this:

1. You don’t start at all
It may sound weird but this seems to be a common mistake and a really big one. Don’t get stuck talking about your business and never do anything about it. One thing that stops people from starting is that they get worried about all the possible mistakes you can do. That’s actually the only way to guarantee failure! To start a business isn’t a sure thing — it takes a lot of courage and hard work BUT you will get better over time only if you start!

Another thing that stops people from starting is that they wait until their idea is perfect. It will never be perfect so try with good instead 🙂

The way for you to succeed is to not be afraid to make mistakes (we all do it) and don’t aim at perfect!

2. You choose something you don’t like
If you choose to work with something you don’t like it will be a lot harder and feel like a regular 9 to 5 job. It’s a lot of learning and hard work you have to put in so if you don’t like what you choose it will feel like you having a regular job and working overtime all the time 🙁

If you serious about starting a business it requires your dedication and commitment, even when it’s not working any good and you’re not earning. Choose something that’s an interest, a passion, a hobby and find out what people see as a problem, a need or a want. If your also good at it or know much about it will be even easier but you could always learn something you like 🙂

3. You think you can earn a lot of money in no time Money
A lot of online businesses offer you to join their programs and earn a lot in a short time. They are almost always scams. If it sounds too good to be true it certainly is! There are no shortcuts to earning money online so you have to work for it and maybe for a very long time. The quicker you start and the harder you work and learn the quicker you will see results.

4. No connection to other people
It’s easy to get isolated and never connect to others while you sit by yourself and work. The chance to succeed online is much, much higher if you’re not alone in this journey. You could learn a lot from other people and they can help you and you can help them and it’s always good to get a second review on what you’re doing.

There’s a lot of ways to connect to other people. You could join forum or communities, connect on social media, join Skype groups etc. etc. but don’t forget OFFLINE connection. There’s nothing compared to meet in real life and you could decide to meet others who work like you in a cafe or another public place or attend conferences etc. You could also use a coach or a mentor. Don’t forget to have some fun when you meet others 🙂

5. You don’t brand yourself
This isn’t a must but it will help you a lot along the way. Personal branding is basically about marketing yourself as a brand. What you do align with your personal brand and validate that you can be trusted and show that you are credible. If you build a strong personal brand it will help you interact with your audience in a clear, consistent way that fast becomes familiar. That will build trust in your audience, which allows those emotional connections to take form.

6. You don’t use marketingMarketing
You can’t expect to start something and think you will have an audience straight away. You must tell others about your online business and that’s where marketing comes in. There’s a lot of ways of marketing and there’s both free and paid marketing. Actually, there’s nothing that stops you from start marketing your business before your start!

7. You give up too soon
It takes time and effort to build a successful business and it doesn’t matter if it’s an offline or online business – it’s the same! Don’t expect to get results the next week, it could take month or years to succeed the way you want. If you quit you will never no how far you could have gone. So remember to give your business the time and work it deserve.

8. You don’t invest in your business
You can invest time and effort in your business but if you don’t invest any money it’s a lot harder to succeed.

9. Your not different
You will not be able to gain an audience if you’re only offering a copy of something else out there. The only way to be unique is if you offering something that others don’t offer. Try to be different and move away from the competition. There’s a lot of ways to stand out and one easy way is to choose a very small niche. (You can read more about that here).

Hopefully, you now don’t do this mistakes but if you do remember that you always can do better and take the time to learn from your mistakes. Maybe you have some own experiences from this type of mistakes or have any questions? Just leave a comment below 🙂

Regards, Jan

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