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Vb webWhat: VixoBit
How much: $30 – 2000
Who’s behind: VixoBit Limited
Company registration: United Kingdom

Refund: No Free to try? No

What is VixoBit?

According to their website, they are an “authority on digital currency investing” and are wondering if you want to take part in “an exciting journey of cryptocurrency trading“. Well…let’s found out if we want!

VixoBit (VB) is promoted as an investment company that offers investment packs that are supposed to give a very high return on investments (ROI) from the company’s trading in cryptocurrencies and mining, Real Estate, Forex, Equities and “Physical Assets”. Just like you can read in my recent reviews for similar companies like Crypto Pro Investment or Grossbyte it’s still very popular to use cryptocurrencies to get people to invest money.

Why a serious investment or trading firm should seek or solicit for investment capital or funds of any kind online or via social media without any investment prospects and bank connections or bank rights, and promote that they will return a very high ROI, is very unlikely.

VB WhoisIf you look up the domain you can see that it was registered through NameCheap Inc. (a domain register company) and created 2018-08-09. The domain has been paid to 2019-08-09, so it’s only been paid for 1 year ahead. That could be an indication that the owner doesn’t count on the business to last for a very long time but we need to learn more to draw any conclusion.

The website is registered for and the company WhoisGuard, Inc which is a partner to NameCheap who offers services to hide the real information on who’s behind the website. They place their own information in the public domain information and often forward emails and letters to the company or the persons behind.

Right at the top of the homepage, we can find their address:

13-14 Margaret Street, Fitzrovia,
London, United Kingdom, W1W 8RN
tel. +44 2080 685 327

A quick look at Google Streetview doesn’t give any trace of this business…and if we search on that address we get a lot of other companies but no Vixobit.

VB street view

VB has a couple of pictures on what they say is their office but there are NO people visible on any of these pictures!

This is typical for online businesses that only bought a virtual office and did (or paid for) a “mockup” where they place their own logo on pictures from other offices.

Using a virtual office service is quite common and doesn’t mean that the business is dishonest BUT it gets harder to contact this business if something goes wrong. On the other hand…to use mockups for showing pictures of other companies luxurious offices with a company’s own logo is misleading and dishonest.

VB Fiverr

If we look under “Legal” on the “About” page there is a “Certificate of Incorporation” that shows the company VixoBit Limited with a company number. The company does exist in the UK Governments “Companies House” who is the UK:s companies registration authority.

VB companies houseRemember that just because a company is registered as a company doesn’t mean they are honest but at least they are registered.

As you can see VB is registered in the UK and every financial business that is working with investment is supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). FCA has a searchable database with all the financial businesses that are regulated. If we search FCA:s database for Vixobit we get no result at all so that means that they are not authorized to offer investment products or services in the UK!

It always important to look up the owners and leaders in a business before you join or/and pay any money. There is no trace of any owner but if we click on “About Us” in the top menu we can see a couple of guys called “Our Team”. So who are these guys?

VB team

In their description, they seem very reputable and with a lot of experience in finance and cryptocurrencies. I guess such persons should be easy to find information about online but I can’t seem to find anything about them!

Another thing to look up is the “Alexa rank” that gives you a rough idea of how popular the site is and how it trends. The website has no traffic data to show but have a quite high global rank at about 1,2 million. The ideal situation is a high or very high rank that’s stable and that’s showing that the site has been active for a long or very long time.

VB AlexaBecause there are not enough traffic data we will not take a look at where the visitors are coming from.

Vb HYIPVB has a logo up on the right corner that says “paying B” and when you move your mouse over it there is a pop-up that says that VB has an HYIP rating status of paying.

There are a lot of so-called HYIP monitor websites that stats that VB is a great online business that is paying. When looking at those websites you can see that all of them have referral links to VB (promoting them) so we can’t say that they are unbiased.

It’s important what you think and I really want to help people, like you, and that’s why your very welcome to comment below this review if you have anything to say about VixoBit, both good and bad. I will not delete any comment (except spam, promotions/recruiting, hate message etc.) so you can see that this is an honest review. I will respond to comments as fast as I can.

What do you have to pay?

VB is selling different types of investment packages that are priced in US dollars and offer high returns on investment (ROI):

Vb plans

As you can see the cheapest one requires a minimum deposit of $30 and are supposed to give you an ROI of 11% daily for 11 days, the next one requires a minimum deposit of $500 and are supposed to give you an ROI of 160% after just 8 days, the third one requires you to deposit a minimum of $1000 and are supposed to give you an ROI of 180% after just 6 days and the last one wants you to deposit a minimum if $2000 and are said to give you 250% in just 4 days!

This is without mentioning transaction and exchange fees, taxes etc.

What do you get for the money you put in?

You are supposed to get access to a professional trader that trades with the investment you put in so you can get the extreme high ROI that are promoted. You will also get a placement in the company’s downline (see below) so you can promote it to others.

Because there is no way to confirm that the money you invest is used for real trading or for any real product or service you can’t really say that you get something with a real value here.

How can you make money?

The compensation is (as usual) based on how much you invest and how good you are at recruiting.

The main way to earn money is supposed to be on the ROI from the money you invest in the different investment plans as shown above. Even if it’s true there is nothing that says that you will earn anything on the investment even thou VB them-self says that “you can only earn” and that you will receive a “guaranteed profit”:

VB guarantees

An investment position can go up and down and no one can guarantee any fixed return.

The second way to earn money is by referring others to join under you (sponsorship) and get a percent off their investment (referral bonus). There are three levels (so-called downline) and on the first level (directly) you can earn 5% and on the second level (indirect) 2% and on the third level (indirect) 1%. They also have a higher directly referral bonus (10%) for those who have another memberships status called “representative”.

As long as there’s nothing that proves that VB has any real product and services this business builds on people joining and the way to earn is to recruit others! There is never any guarantees that you earn anything and in this case is also very risky if you consider the lack of real information about this business.

If you manage to recruit you should also consider the bad-will for you if this business fails or turn out to be dishonest.

So…what’s good?

– IF this company is performing professional trading AND they are able to generate a profit AND the business is paying, you can earn money. Remember that even then the claimed ROI is something that the most respected and skilled investors in the world would never be able to accomplish…far from!

– IF your good at recruiting others to this business AND the business is paying AND real, you can earn money, especially if you were in early.

 …and what’s bad?

– There is no way to confirm who’s behind this business or who their “Team” are.

– According to FCA VB is not authorized to offer investment products or services in the UK!

– As long as no evidence is provided that this is a real investment company with professional trading there’s really nothing of real value for the member to promote except the membership itself. If that’s the only thing to promote it will only work as long as new members join and invest money in the business so the owner can pay out to all the existing members. If that’s the case then this is a so-called Pozi/Pyramid Scheme.

– As always as there are cryptocurrency involved it means that you have close to ZERO CHANCE to get your money back if something goes wrong and you have paid with that currency.

VERDICT: Dishonest

Score: 3/10

Recommended for: Not recommendedDishonest

There is no verifiable information about the owners of VixoBit. It’s supposed to be a financial business that is working with investment and trading but it’s not supervised by the UK:s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

VixoBit is promoting their online business with words like “guaranteed profit” and “you can only earn” and that’s definitely dishonest because no one can promise you that!

A company that offers this kind of extremely high ROI in these short period of time have never turned out to be an honest business in the past!

To have the chance to earn in this program you must be good at recruiting and get others to pay a minimum of $30 but even then you can’t be sure in any way that you can cash out your money. So it would cost and you can’t be sure to get anything back.

Remember that if you join this business that it will not only cost you money but also a lot of time, like promote and recruit, logging in and out in your back office, read the news, contact support, read in groups etc.

Even more important to think about is that if you think (like me) that this isn’t a very ethical online business you should not support it. You will lose a lot in goodwill and you can destroy your personal brand because there is a good chance that the money goes to owners and leaders that may want to deceive their members. I myself will NOT support that!

All this points to the outcome that VixoBit is a dishonest online business.

It’s not recommended to join this online business and you can’t know for sure that this isn’t a Ponzi/Pyramid scheme or a fraud!

If you would like to leave your personal review or experience of VixoBit or have any questions, please do leave them below. I would love to hear your feedback!

Regards, Jan

6 thoughts on “VixoBit – more bits

  1. Mina

    Thank you for putting up a review regarding VixoBit. You covered almost everything that we need to know.
    For me, if someone is in search for money making online business, one of the most important apect or points to look for is– Who are the people behind the network. If VixoBit doesn’t provide it, then it should be avoided in any case.
    Again thanks you for sharing a helpful information.

  2. Jan Post author

    Hi, Mina and thanks for your comment!

    Who’s behind the business is very important. Sadly, I have seen a lot of dishonest businesses that are aware of that and are using different ways to trick people to think that there are good people behind.

    There are those who are using pictures and names from so called leaders on their website but are hiding the real people behind. In return the leaders gets to be first in and are promoting the business (but are leaving as soon as they know that the business is failing).

    Some are just making up names and stealing pictures of random business people (for some reason almost always men). It’s also popular to backup those names with false social media accounts.

    Others are paying other people who has a clean background to pose on their website and/or register the company.

    Well…there are numerous of dishonest ways to lure people to think it’s a good business.

    Regards, Jan

  3. Nabeel Khan

    Hi Jan,

    This is a great post regarding VixoBit. To be honest, I did not know anything about Vixobit before reading this post, now I know everything about it, I like how you provided the price, pros and cons and your verdict of it, this helps the consumer in deciding if they need to invest in it. This is a very detailed post, I do not think anyone will lack any information on Vixobit after reading this post.

    Keep up the good work!!

    Nabeel Khan
    Founder of

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi Nabeel, and thanks for your comment!

      There are quite a lot of these “opportunities” that pops up so it’s hard to be familiar with all of them.

      Nice to hear that you like the sectioning of the review, I’m grateful for any feedback!

      The amount of details and also the length of the review is a little tricky because I want to give you readers as much information as possible to be able to decide if the business is honest or not but at the same time I don’t want you readers to get “information overload” and stop reading…

      Regards, Jan

    1. Jan Post author

      Hi, David and thanks for your comment.

      Yes, it seems to be the case. The website can’t be reached at the moment and there are comments and reviews that say that they don’t pay out.



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