What is a Landing Page and do you need it?

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If you worked online for a while you probably heard about something called “Landing Page” and if you haven’t been working online you have definitely been exposed to a Landing Page.

As the name suggest a Landing Page (LP) is a web page that people can “land on” coming from an external source such as searching Google, clicking on ads, clicking on a link inside an email etc. It’s usually separated from your website and has no navigation or links to your website. Many LP has a form for the visitor to fill in. It could be just a single form for email or multiplied forms for another type of information about the visitor.

“The reason to have a LP is to use a page for one purpose only so the visitor immediately can see what you want them to see or do what you want them to do without going thru your website”

There are other names and types that circulate on the web for LP and here are a few of them.

Lander is just short for LP

Lead Capture Page or just Capture Page is a name that focuses on the way LP “capture” the visitor. The capture could result in a “lead” (potential customer).

Splash Page is a type of LP that’s usually a “splash” of information on an entire web page or in the middle of the screen (like a rectangle). The basic purpose of a splash page is to inform visitors of something, like that the site is not suited for children or some important update etc.

Squeeze Page is a type of LP that only focuses on getting the visitors email and therefore have as little information as possible on the page…that’s why the name squeeze.

Sometimes the name Destination Page pops up but that’s more of a web page where the visitor ends up after doing something first, for example, a search on your website.

Here are one example of a LP:


This is a great LP that is focused on getting a lead (a potential customer) by offering a free analysis of their website. It’s clean and easy with nice design. Still, it shows contact information (phone) to the company, what it promote, what to do (enter email address) and a picture that’s connects to the offer.

So, should you have a LP or not? To make it easier to decide I made some questions for you 🙂

If you answer YES to some of the questions you should consider having one:

  • Do you want a more effective way to promote something from your site?
    Many visitors are very impatient and will leave your site within a couple of seconds of arrival if you don’t show them your promotion quickly and clearly. If you send them to a Landing Page they will not be distracted by navigation, links, different ads etc.
  • Do you want a fast way to build an email list?
    To build an email list from your visitors could be a great way to communicate and/or promote your site or your services/products. It could take a long time to build an email list from your website but if you have a separate site with the one purpose of getting the visitor to leave their email it could speed up the process a lot.
  • Do you want an easy way to build a relationship with your visitors?
    A visitor that you have connections with is more likely to stay with your site, buy your products/services and give important feedback. To get the visitor’s personal information can by hard on you site because of all the other information you have there so a LP can minimize the information and have a clear and easy way to fill out their information.
  • Do you want your visitors to take action?
    If you want your visitors to take some form of action like fill in a form and send it to you it’s often easier for them to do that on a LP. There are no distractions and all information can point directly to a form and a button.

There’s a lot of company’s that offers to build a design for your LP or offers you to build it yourself with a building tool they provide. Many offers you a place where you can have your LP (called hosting). Some company’s offer you a free LP but then you’re forced to have their advertise on the page and a little of the idea with a LP gets lost.

Here are some examples of company’s that provide LP:

GetResponse: Very professional looking LP where you can integrate their own Autoresponder

Leadpages: Very professional looking LP where you can integrate different AutorespondersVery low priced LP where you can integrate the company’s own autoresponder or some other Autoresponders

ZUKUL: Very low priced LP where you can integrate the company’s own autoresponder or some other Autoresponders


Hopefully, you now know a little more about Landing Pages and why you need them. If you have some own experiences from LP or have any questions? Just leave a comment below : )

Regards, Jan

2 thoughts on “What is a Landing Page and do you need it?

  1. Miles

    I have used some landing pages in the past but it can get confusing with all the different kinds of landing pages out
    there. But this post really helped a lot in clarifying each type of page and how they are best used. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Jan Post author

      Thanks for your comment Miles, your welcome!

      Yes, there are so many different types of LP:s out there so it’s very easy to choose the “wrong” type.
      I’m glad to hear that the post could be of some help 🙂

      I wish you all luck with your online business!

      Regards, Jan


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